radio aporee maps, update

While in Berlin, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Udo Noll, the inventive person behind Radio Aporee ::: Maps. For some time we’ve been discussing the diverse aspects of the project, including new features and possible additions to the interface, some of which have been successfully implemented. One new feature is ‘projects’ which can be used as a filter for specific recordings a user adds to the site. All of my recordings can now be found under the permalink: Specific locations can also be embedded into other websites (assuming the code is allowed) as can be seen below.

[iframe 500 300]

For more on the embedding function check the sonic sites blog where all new additions are automatically diplayed in an individual window. I’m looking forward to continuing thse collaborative efforts and seeing how Radio Aporee Maps develops and where it takes us, both on the personal and experiential level.

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