revenant : podra

revenant : podra

With Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich, Maksims Shentelevs

Live unedited recorded made on the evening of June 13th, 2007 in southeastern Estonia.

It was mid-June and the white nights of the north were in full swing. We set out looking for a location to explore and ended up at a favorite place of mine, the ruins of an old soviet collective farm in a place I know as P├Ádra (as is written on a nearby bus stop). The ruins are in a high state of decay due to the poor quality of the construction materials used. It is not clear if this facility was ever actually used.

Next to the ruins is a working electrical sub-station scattered with debris. We set up in an empty room attaching contact mics to found objects and using battery powered speakers to amplify small sounds and generate feedback. Some pieces of metal were bowed and played acoustically. In the background the sounds of the surrounding environment are apparent, particularly the repetitive call of Crex Crex or “Corn Crake”, a bird that sounds like a deep cricket.

originally released (and still available) at Compost and Height

‘revenant’ was a project that focused on site-specific acoustic actions. all sounds originated from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself.

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