revenant topolo CD release

revenant : topoló CD

prele records has released a CD of revenant : topoló along with 12 page booklet of texts by the artists. Available from December 2008.

revenant : topoló was a live acoustic sound action that took place on October 19th, 2006 in a forest near the border of Italy and Slovenia. Participants in this action were Yannick Dauby, Olivier Feraud, John Grzinich, Hitoshi Kojo and murmer. Design and layout were done by Hitoshi Kojo.

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Excerpt from track #2:

Excerpt from track #4:


REVENANT – TOPOLO (CD by Prele Records)
On the back cover of this release we read: “‘Revenant’ is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions, or activated environments. Each action is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location.” For an action held in 2006 in Topolo, near the Slovenien border, present were Yannick Dauby, Olivier Feraud, John Grzinich, Hitoshi Kojo and murmer. The five of them went out into the forest and ‘all sounds […] originated from materials found in-situ, or from the space itself. No overdubbing or editing was done in order to document this specific action and location in time’. There is an interesting booklet that goes with this with interesting texts, also with photos of the five artists in the forest. It is not told how this was recorded but we hear lots of trees, branches, leaves being rubbed, cracked, hit and touched upon. Maybe this was recorded by each individual player and then pieced together, or perhaps a great microphone was set up and then it was recorded. If ever did a walk in the forest, then the sounds used by Revenant may sound familiar (and if you didn’t, I suggest you go out do a forest trip right away), but in the opening piece it also sounds like a violin, or two, being scraped. I can’t imagine that was in-situ, but perhaps some rubbing of leaves could be similar. I thought this was quite a fascinating release of familiar sounds, but oddly enough also the absence of sounds, such a birds. A fine work of field recordings mixed with acoustic action, or rather an action outside using natural elements. A work that by passes the usual routine of both field recordings and electro-acoustic music, and such opens new roads. (FdW)


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