simon whetham & va : active crossover

download release available from Impulsive Habitat

Active Crossover : SIMON WHETHAM & VA

VA are: John Grzinich, Douglas Benford, Gints Birznieks, Jez Riley French, Iris Garrelfs, Joined By Wire, Jaanika Kakluse, Kaspars Kalnins, KIWA, Shawn Pinchbeck, Merilyn Püss, Piibe Piirma, Maksim Shentelev, Toms Siklovs, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, Sound Meccano, Toomas Thetloff and Alexander Thomas

Throughout May 2009 Whetham participated in a residency at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Tallinn, Estonia, to compose new work, collaborate with other artists using sound and run deep listening, field recording and composition workshops.

This residency has resulted in ‘Active Crossover’, a touring exhibition and exchange project which has been hosted by the Arnolfini in Bristol and The Grey Area in Brighton, incorporating a large scale sound installation in two sonically treated chambers, creating three separate listening experiences.

This track is a mix by Whetham of the recordings used in the installation. The idea was to somewhat simulate the experience of the installation without simply be a recorded document of the installation itself.

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