The exhibition SKAN in Riga ran from September 29th to October 13th. The exhibition focused on “sound art” activity in Latvia. It was a mix of performances during the opening weekend which included 2 commissions, one for Jacob Kirkegaard and one for Francisco Lopez. Both recorded sounds in different environments around the town and mixed them for a live presentation. The exhibition included the video documentation from the Riga Sound Locations workshop I was involved with in August. As I did not have much time to view all the works I’m not able to provide a full overview of the exhibition. In general I felt it was a fairly mature collection and provided a fair balance between Latvian and international artists. Pictured here is our Riga Sound Locations piece, a mechanical vibration installation by Finnish architects Tommi Gronlun and Petteri Nisunen, a pool for water vibrations in water by Voldemars Johansons, a large scale tape loop work by Evelina Deimane and a feedback piece for metal plates by Jacob Kirkegaard.

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