sound lines / drawing scores workshop

Concept by John and Evelyn Grzinich
Held October 1-5th 2012 in Prague CZ

In this workshop we explored a series of combinations and intersections between drawing, gesture and sonic representation. We began by working with the components of sound and drawing separately, then slowly integrated both into a single process. The central aspect of our explorations of both sound and drawing revolved around gesture, that is, how we position and move the body as an instrument for improvisation.

The video above was the final exercise and an attempt at developing a scored work. The score for this piece was:
– 5 “recorders” (players generating marks and sounds through gestural motifs)
– 5 “stations” on one large piece of paper
– each station has a randomly chosen gestural motif: spiral, horizontal, symmetry, continuous, vertical
– 5 minutes at each station focusing on its motif

Each pencil was fitted with a microphone to amplify the micro-gestural sounds then synchronized and layered afterward. This exercise was part of a slowly evolving concept of the workshop whole. Although it was our final exercise it felt more like the beginning of a more complex process we intend to investigate further.

The workshop was sponsored by SoundExchange
and was hosted by the now defunct gallery in Prague Školská 28

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