‘surface scripts’ CD release

semperflorens 05 CD (Russia, 2011)


01. planar migration (22:35)
02. skew symmetry (20:02)

format: CD in DVD box  ed. 500

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surface scripts was composed from field recordings, site-specific actions, environmental installations and wire instrument sounds recorded from 2008-2010. the title refers to my interest in the time-worn processes of nature and the effects this has on various materials such as stone, metal or wood. much of the sounds we hear around us are the acoustic effects of these processes taking place while the visual patterns are written as ancient scripts. a set of small lines carved into a stone by water may have taken thousands of years, yet the sounds heard from this process are momentary.

Track 1 ‘planar migration’ excerpt:

Track 2 ‘skew symmetry’ excerpt:


” …Returning to my claim that this work deals successfully in creating sound objects, John Grzinich manages here to produce something resembling a large self generating musical machine which later turns into an oil tanker being bowed. Various bumpings and metallic bell sounds with side dishes of scrapings come to dominate the field, a relational field enhanced by a series of crescendi and accelerandi, or, perhaps better, waves with ever larger leading edges.

All of which took me out of myself and far beyond mere technical listening, which is a welcome change from what I find myself having to do with less successful work. Sometimes, very simply at one level, two things “happen”, a background and foreground. But on closer listening both these things are one thing, the totality and complexity of the entire sonic field which strengthens my initial claim that this music is first and foremost an investigation of complexity.”

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