the absurd evidence / stomach of the sky

jgrzinich / mnortham – ‘the absurd evidence’

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CD Bobby J/Orogenetics US (1998)

1. incubation
2. through the membrane
3. permeate


mnortham / jgrzinich – ‘stomach of the sky’

CD Staalplaat, Netherlands (1997)

1. eluvium [21:56]
2. remanent magnetism [26:06]
3. geochronologic formation [23:36]


two CD releases resulting from the early sound collaborations between john grzinich and michael northam. extended minimal sound formations slowly evolve and drift out of constructed devices, primitive electronics and field recordings.


jgrzinich/mnortham ‘the absurd evidence’ CD

“Two of these collaborators present their second CD, after the well done The Stomach of the Sky last year. Grzinich and Northam are sound collectors – using natural elements (sand, stones, recordings of the wind) which they use in combination with studio electronica to create dense, atmospherical music. They load the music with images (metaphores if you want) of geographical origin that attract the listener into a specific direction – that of a world, a desert or place you have not seen before. There is resemblance between them and others, I call the “more serious avant-garde noise makers”, like Francisco Lopez (but they are more audible), Roel Meelkop (but they focus more on sound effects), Ralf Wehowsky (but they use less computers) or Bernhard Gunter (although they are maybe less composed). Closest they come maybe to Toy Bizarre, but as you can see Grzinich and Northam have a certain quality of their own to make it different. And its not just the sound that makes the difference, it’s also the presence of the aformentioned metaphors that make a difference the the world of ‘absolute music’ with ‘I dont give you a clue what this is all about’ of the others I mentioned.”
– from: Vital Weekly : Sept 1988 (NETHERLANDS)

mnortham/jgrzinich ‘the stomach of the sky’ CD

“Une musique tres riches en detail et en long mouvements quasi immobiles. Une reussite!” – from: Metamkine catalog (FRANCE)

“This is a crafty take on sound art (steel wires, field recordings, found materials, etc.) … It relies on deeply layered drones, but the oddly monikered duo resist the temptation toward puritan cleanliness, and mix things up with cracklings, buzzes and strange pops which suggest the Geiger-counter exploration of a radioactively scrubbed Nevada bomb test site … these hypersonically bonded twins have a deft intuition that sets them apart.”
from: The Wire : June 1997 (UK)

” … A testament to their industrious endeavors, precision and research. The long (.ian)-note is tampered… resonates and responds to the adheared atmospheric pressure… subtle shifts in perception.. a still wind blows.. fragments.. nanocryptism… thermals… reading the sands of and erg… reductionism…”
– from: Datacide No 3 June 1997 (UK)

“Restiamo a Staalplaat con ancora due lavori: audio-artisti pure il duo mnortham & jgrzinich, che in ‘The Stomach of the Sky’ miscelano suoni isolati raccolti sul campo (il sibilo di un cavo d’alta tensione, lo stropiccio del vento in una particolare locazione, ecc), ottenedo una versione concettuale ma di dubbia utilita dei CD “da relax” con voci della natura.”
from: Rumore No 68 (ITALY)

“The American Acoustic-Land-Art duo mnortham & jgrzinich create droning monophonies out of “singing” wires, wind, found objects and field recordings… the artists seem to be exlusively interested in micro-processes, that is, the way matter hums, whispers, crackles and moans.. the final mix of the extremely static Musique Concrete was – and I dont belive in accidents (coincedences) – made at Bernhard Gunter’s Trente Oiseux Studio…”
from Bad Alchemy No 30 (GERMANY)

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