Im going out to a white snow-covered landscape. Some days skiing and when weather is too cold and windy then for a short walk. I live in a countryside.  Around my house there are all kind of tracks: rabbit paths, deer steps, raven wing swaps, snowmobile zig-zags, human boots… Snow  and wind delete the old ones, so that every day wonderers can start from blank sheet of a landscape.
Some tracks  redrawn daily.  Some tracks made new, it depends where is ones detstination at that time. But its hard to walk when there is over half a meter of snow.

Still stringy

I had a pleasure to to KUDUM for the world´s best anthropology film festival: Maailmafilm.
Its running from march 24.- 28.03 at Ateena Keskus in Tartu, Estonia.
It was a bit unusual situation as there was not much time to build installation in place (this is what i usually do). So i had to prepare KUDUM ahead and then transport it to place and set it up again. Though i packed them carefully, some of them still managed to get tangled- so it was play with a patience.

Tagasi maal

Its never easy to start. More than a week im back in countryside: 2 week residency in 7.Stock and attending some events in Berlin. Many things have changed since i left. For example light. Besides longer days light has also become more transparent. Contours of outdoor objects have become more concrete. The backbone of the winter is broken, you can deffinitely feel it. Though more snow on coming days.