animate structures #2

It’s winter and the temperatures are not friendly for recording outdoors. In Dresden, where I’m in residence for several weeks at 7.stock, it’s been around -5 – 0 C during the day (not including the wind). I mention the wind because I’ve been working on the 7th floor of a building. While the view is great, the chilling winds are not. Regardless, I’ve made some attempts to construct simple installations out of wires and found objects, for exposing to the elements. One element that’s difficult if not impossible to communicate through sound is temperature. Without my telling, the recordings below, might easily pass as being made in a desert. There is still enough inspiring conditions for me to experiment even if its for 20 minutes a day. An old satellite dish provides a great resonant surface from which to capture vibrations from the humble system of stretched wires and dangling objects. If it warms up, even just a bit, I hope to have more material to share. The rest depends on the weather.

animate structures #2a (3:34 160k mp3):

animate structures #2b (4:12 160k mp3):


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