Berlin events, 26.1-30.1 2009

Here’s what I’ll be involved with the next week or so:

Monday, January 26, 21.00
*Electropera Act 1: Parahouse_12

self-evolving participatory environment
by Egon March Institute and partner productions
Studio Martina Schumacher & Joulia Strauss in Ullsteinhaus

the photo above is from my participatory installation “feed back”

Monday-Thursday, 26th – 29th of January
X-OP- Conference Berlin
„True Art / Truely Merchandise“

at ConcentArt

Friday, January 30th, 21:47
Das Kleine Field recordings Festival
with: Paulo Raposo, Baruch Gottlieb, Feedbacksociety, John Grzinich
loophole – boddinstrasse 61

coming up next, Bytom-Wroclaw Poland…

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