Point + Periphery, residency Loviisa Finland

live sound performance series: Finland Nov-Dec 2005

with collaborative pieces by:
john grzinich, seth nehil, hitoshi kojo

developed during a residency at the Loviisa Artists-in-residence program

point and periphery
30.11.05 – Turku, Titanik Galleria

point and periphery
01.12.05 – Tampere, Galleria Rajatila

point and periphery
02.12.05 – Helsinki, Forum Box

Three scored pieces which combine amplified and acoustic sounds, recordings and objects, structure and improvisation. Multiple small speakers will disperse sound throughout the room and among the audience, with an emphasis on listening and movement. The artists will play recorded sounds, found materials and homemade instruments to create sound works of rich tonal and textural complexities.

John Grzinich (EST/US) is a mixed media artist who has been working mainly with sound since 1995. He has performed and worked extensively throughout Europe and the US and has published a number of CDs on such labels as Staalplaat (NL), CMR (NZ), erewhon (BE), Intransitive Recordings (US), Elevator Bath (US), Pale-Disc (JP), Cloud of Statics(CH), and SIRR(PT). These works consist of solo and and collaborative productions of experimental electro-acoustic sound pieces that result from studio and performance activity. Currently John is a project and media lab coordinator for MoKS – center for art and social practice, an artist-run international residency center and project space in southeast Estonia.

Seth Nehil (US) is a sound and visual artist. He has composed sound works for recorded media, multi-speaker installation, solo and large-group concerts, dance, theater and multi-media performance. Published recordings include collaborations with jgrzinich and Olivia Block and solo works such as Tracing the Skins of Clouds (Kaon FR); Uva (20City JP); and Umbra (…edition US), among others. He has performed throughout the US, in Europe and Japan. Seth Nehil is also co-editor and designer of FO A RM magazine, a yearly journal of arts and research with a focus on sound art.

Hitoshi Kojo (JP/CH) has worked in various artistic areas such as music composition and painting in both traditional and contemporary methods, as well as installation, performance, etc… He diagonally crosses the center and the surrounding of those creative areas, as he does in life. He has grown with the influence of an ancient culture and the thought of Asia since his birth. Yet he also was influenced by his relatives, a quantum physicist, a psychoanalyst and buddhist monk. He currently lives in Europe, where he absorbs old myths and manners along with contemporary philosophy. These influences, he prefers to masticate and to digest, just like his favorite foods. He laughs in the metaphysical labyrinth, swims in the stridulation of the Milky Way, and indulges in eroding sunlight. His artistic trails exude and drip by the names OCTPIA, SPIRACLE, and KODAMA (collaboration with Michael Northam) for now.

Special thanks to: the Artist-in-Residence program of Loviisa, Forum Box, Titanik, Rajatila, Petri, Annika, Inka, Johanna, Mailis and our hosts in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki

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