SIRR night, atlantic waves

(above photo by Gintas K)

On Sunday November 11th at the ICA in London a showcase of artists from SIRR records took place for the annual Atlantic Waves festival. What may have been great line-up for fans of the genre, was actually a sincere challenge for the artists. 12 artists were divided into 3 groups of 4. Without any prior practice, concept or knowledge of what might be done for the performance, we were left to figure something out for ourselves. While this is not my normal mode of practice I was still open to the challenge (and it was also an opportunity to meet a few people whom I’ve only known from a distance). My group included Jason Kahn, Paulo Raposo and eRikm. I can’t really say much about what happened because everything went fairly quickly. We had less than an hour to meet, soundcheck and then it was time to jump on stage. I’m waiting to hear the concert recording because from our position on stage we could only hear ourselves so I’m not sure how the final mix ended up. Based on audience feedback it was quite a power set. The other groups to perform that evening proved to be as equally diverse and challenging.

some video of our set by Nuno Moita:

characters in the photos: Eric LaCasa, Achim Wollscheid, Manu Holterbach and Jason Kahn in discussion; Anthony Pateras tuning in; Pateras’s prepared piano; Manu Holterbach setting up, Pedro Carniero’s percussive movements, Jason Kahn setting up; label cheif Paulo Raposo; the final set from Achim Wollscheid, Eric LaCasa, Andre Goncalves and Marc Behrens.

atlantic waves 2007

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