Twilight on the Alberta Plains

I was invited by Stephane Marin to contribute a track to the North American Phonographic Mornings series. While I’m from North America, I only travel there now and then. Twice I have have had the fortunate chance to visit Calgary and its surrounding areas in Alberta Canada, to give workshops. While there I was able to collect a number of field recordings. This track, “Twilight on the Alberta Plains” was composed from those recordings.

Recordings made in April 2010 and June 2012 in Calgary, Lethbridge, Drumheller and Banff, Canada.

Mixed at Maaheli Studio Estonia, June 2017

Special thanks to Tomas Jonsson for coordinating my visits and to Noel B├ęgin for the the trip out to Drumheller.

Alberta is full of sights and geographic features, from the openness of the plains to the stunning beauty of the Canadian rockies, making it an extremely rich and varies landscape to explore.

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