spaces of abandon

Here is a selected set of photos from a series taken in 2007. Abandoned spaces like this are from old soviet collective farms, however they  are rapidly disappearing. Structures like this decayed so rapidly because of the poor methods of construction. It was common for people to steal any valuable materials for their own use while letting the ‘collective’ (state owned property) to fall victim to the lowest standard. I converted the images to black and white thinking of them as a shadow of the place I visited to take these photos. What you see has since been destroyed (but has a new storage barn built in its place by a local farmer).

Here is a second set of photos taken in 2012 using some vintage analogue photo cameras. There’s something about film that gives more “life” to these kinds of spaces. This particular set of soviet farm ruins is in the village where I live. I plan to make consistent documentation of the process of decay because these structures remain relatively untouched by humans allowing nature to take its course.

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