bytom / wroclaw poland

2 performances and a sound workshop with murmer


john grzinich/murmer – opening concert:
19:00, saturday, 7th february

revenant : bytom – sound workshop:
friday and saturday, 13-14th of february

opening performance
murmer/john grzinich live at Kronika gallery (excerpt recorded by pm): download link
rynek 26, bytom, poland


plus: Galleria Entropia

jgrzinich/murmer live in Wroclaw

18:00, free
ze?nicza 4, wroclaw

Special thanks to Krzysztof Gutfranski for helping organize all this and for taking photos!

Here is a video about the performance in Wroclaw. It was billed as “Revenant Sound” which is not entirely accurate. While we do use many elements of the space and participation of those who are present, there are many added elements and aided sounds as well. Anyway its good to see how people interpret this…

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