equal and distant lines

sound+video presentation

presented at Stazione Topolo 2003 | PostsovkoZ 3/Territories, Estonia

Equal and Distant Lines is one aspect of the larger Time [::] Frames project. Time [::] Frames investigates, analyzes and reflects on the process of living and working in a mobile context using the broad context of the current European cultural landscape. Equal and Distant Lines offers an experimental public viewing platform for expressing the transitory aspects of being a mobile artist. Space and movement are transformed and transplanted into an audio-visual experience… much of the material used as the soundtrack for this piece found its way on to a CD release with the same title.

for Stazione Topolo: “equal and distant lines” is a piece for returning, to scale the macro back to the micro. My return [to Topolo] is a dedication and expression of what one place can give an individual and what an individual can bring to a place. Through a mix and presentation of collected audiovisual materials of the past year I wish to return and build upon the idea that: there are no forgotten corners of the earth, we all affect and are affected. Video material was an in-camera film made on a journey from Sarajevo to Friuli Italy.

equal and distant lines
a semi-transparent screen works well with the evening backdrop

equal and distant lines
thanks to mbehrens for documentation

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