Madrid: Sonikas VI festival and interview

I went to Madrid to perform at Sonikas, an experimental music festival that happens each year. This will be the first solo performance I’ve done in a year. As some now know, I’m less interested in being put on a stage or  working as a “solo artist”, moving toward more dynamic collaborative group activities and woking with physically distributing sound in space. I wasn’t so familiar with the other artists, but the program looked something like this:

Friday, October 24th

20:00 h. ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO (Antifrost/Monotype-Portugal)-LIVE

Saturday, October 25th

19:30 h. DAOUNºFROMM (Addsensor-Spain)-DJ
21:00 h. CHRISTOPHE CHARLES (Mille Plateaux/Subrosa-France)-LIVE

Sunday, October 26th

20:00 h. TZESNE (Drone Records/Antifrost/Series Negras-Spain)-LIVE AUDIO
PARALUX (Series Negras-Spain)-LIVE VIDEO
21:00 h. JOHN GRZINICH (Sir.records/Staaltplaat-EE.UU.)-LIVE

The festival is organized by: Vallecas Todo Cultura, CRC and Klangmaschine.


Also, while in Madrid I spent time with Mikel R Nieto who interviewed me. You can listen to our full discussion here. 

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