Web releases and tracks from 2023

Besides the releases on my own maaheli editions label, I also have releases and special tracks on other labels. Here are a handful of other works produced in 2023.

I was honoured to have the first cassette release for the Atmosférica series on Tsonami Records out of Chile. Most of the source material for these pieces is derived from several collaborative live streaming sessions that took place between Estonia, Chile and Argentina under the guise of the “El Aire Mueve las Cosas” project:

Next up are two releases for Yan Jun’s unique Sleepings series. These are literally straight recordings of people sleeping in different places which sounds more curious than you might think:

I was asked to make a track for the RIFT complilation. All proceeds of this project goes to the Heyva Sor a Kurdistane, Kurdish Red Moon charity. Please consider supporting this:

At the end of every year I contribute a track to the epic taâlem label‘s Homework series. This was my track for year 8. As with all Homework compilations this is a free download with a vast range of great tracks:

And finally here is a composition for the elektron.signal podcast co-produced with the MA EI SAA ARU or I DON’T UNDERSTAND festival which is oriented toward familiarising the general public on different field of art. In 2023 the focus was on “Sound Art”. A further description about this piece is below.

About “perambulations (for Telliskivi)“:”Even though I do not live in Tallinn, seeing Telliskivi (creative hub district) change over the years has left an impression on my mental urban map of Tallinn. In July of 2013 I made a series of field recordings around Telliskivi for a friend who was collecting material on ‘soundscapes of creative industries’. Listening back to these recordings now still triggered memories of Telliskivi from 10 years ago. This is the power sound has on memory. When considering a concept for this podcast, ‘time’ and ‘layers’ became central themes, particularly when observing changes in urban space. Rather than present ‘then and now’ field recordings as documents I decided to make a more impressionistic piece to convey the sense of how sound, memory and urban space all become woven together through time. I encourage the listener to make a mobile sensory experience, to wander through Telliskivi (or any of your favourite urban spaces for that matter) while listening to this piece.” John Grzinich -May 2023

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