four sound works from Nodar

The sound works of four past resident artists of Binaural Media in Nodar will be exhibited at the
Teatro Viriato in the nearby city of Viseu, Portugal. The artistic projects include:

Aaron Ximm : As Paredes tam Ouvidos
John Grzinich : Nodar Flowlines
Maksims Shentelevs
: Nodar Soundscape Mapping
Pali Meursault : Walk[s]

Each audio installation represents an individual exploration of the sonic environment around Nodar through field recordings and site-specific activity and resulted in a small project at the end of the residency. More information about the other works can be found on the artists websites and the Binaural Media website. These audio installations will be on display in of the foyer of the theater from now until December 14th. Special thanks to Luis and the others at Binaural for setting this up.

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