maaheli editions

maaheli editions

maaheli editions is a platform for releasing personal or collaborative experimental productions of maaheli studio. These releases are not subject to any medium, schedule or plan.

maaheli is my own compound creation made from two other Estonian words, maa (land, earth, country) and heli (sound). It means sound of the earth or sound of the land and refers to my environment based artistic activities.

The following projects have been completed. Some are available as a release, while others serve as documents for personal use and/or presentations:

mh01 – mimema, mp3 release

mh02 – time’s arrow landing, mp3 release

mh03 – location sound films 2006, DVD

mh04 – location sound films 2007, DVD

mh05 – Two Films DVD (released in collaboration with and/OAR)

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